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Tenant Responsibilities


General tenant responsibilities include:
Tenants must honor their lease agreements by:

  • Paying rent on time
  • Keeping the unit clean and sanitary that includes windows and window coverings and carpets/floors
  • Using gas, electrical, and plumbing fixtures properly and for the purpose intended
  • Fixing or paying for repairs of things they damage which includes burnt out light bulbs and broken screen doors or windows etc.
  • Not removing anything from the structures or buildings that they have not put there i.e. smoke alarm, fire alarm, security lights or any other device or item that might jeopardize the safety of tenants.
  • Not adding anything to the structure either inside or out without the written consent of the landlord that includes painting.
  • Using the premises as a place to live with the rooms used for their intended purpose.
  • Only allowing named Individuals on the lease to reside there.
  • Advising the landlord ASAP of dangerous situations that need to be rectified immediately to minimize building damage, risk of physical harm to you or any Individual. Tenants have both a legal and a moral obligation to report criminal activity that involves liability issues. i.e. any criminal activity that puts the tenant(s) or landlord at risk for potential of serious harm. TIP: Use some common sense and good moral judgement. If in doubt speak with a knowledgeable person about the dilemma and get some advice on reporting to the landlord.



General tenant responsibilities include:
Tenants should show respect by:

  • Adhering to the lease agreement as noted above
  • Treating the landlord or property manager with respect
  • Respecting the rights and privacy of other tenants
  • Allowing other tenants and the landlord the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of a multifamily dwelling.
  • Parking where you are suppose to
  • Not yelling or swearing so as to cause a disturbance or offend anyone
  • Being helpful in a situation that benefits others
  • Treating others as you expect to be treated
  • Never becoming involved in a heated argument or a physical confrontation
  • By letting common sense and good judgement prevail



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