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What Landlords should know


Most tenants are respectful and abide by rules and regulations; however there are tenants that use landlords as a revolving line of credit and don't abide by any rules or regulations making life difficult for a landlord and the tenant community at large in many instances.

As tenants should have a criterion for selecting a landlord, so too should landlords have a criteria for selecting tenants, a bad tenant can create many problems for both landlord and other tenants. Criteria for a landlord should include... stable income, credit worthiness, tenant worthiness, trustworthiness with respect to abiding by landlord rules and respecting safety of other tenants.

Being a landlord has a huge responsibility attached to it, you must run a profitable business and you must ensure the safety of the tenant community, because good tenants want to live in a safe and harmonious environment.
So having a criterion that all tenants must meet is an effective way to protect your tenant community and your business.



Why is it important for you to have a good Tenant History?



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