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Why is it important for you to have a good tenant history?


Most landlords have many tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in a rental property and it is a business that many depend on for generating either primary or additional income.  Most landlords cannot afford to be left stuck with unpaid rental fees or damaged rental property that results in a debt and in lieu of this most landlords conduct some due diligence called tenant screening which determines tenant worthiness.


It is incumbent on the tenant therefore to ensure that the rent is paid on time and that the rental property is well maintained with each lease or tenancy agreement so that a favorable report can be given with respect to tenant history.


So, why is it important for you to have a good tenant history ?

Quite simply�landlords do not want to extend a lease or tenancy agreement to a tenant who has a pattern of not paying rent or being late with rent payments. Where this pattern exists, it will be difficult to find acceptable living accommodations in many instances.


With hundreds of databases holding your personal information, a tenant history of unpaid or missed rent payments will have a negative impact on your rental opportunities at some point in time.


More and more landlords are using credit history, tenant history, stable employment etc. as part of their criteria when extending a lease or tenancy agreement for their rental property.


As noted throughout this website, landlords can report the good pay habits of tenants to and which allows tenants to create good tenant histories even though they may not have good credit history or minimal credit history. A bad credit history can sometimes be the result of unforeseen or bad circumstances, i.e. I was young and stupid when I got that credit card and didn't realize that I had to make monthly payments on time, I am more mature now and realize that I have financial responsibilities�or my spouse left me and I inherited the debt which resulted in missed payments etc.  A bad tenant history on the other hand leaves little leeway in terms of offering a reasonable explanation for not paying rent or constantly being late with payments.


Put yourself in the shoes of a landlord and ask yourself�would I rent to a prospective tenant with my history and references?


You can start creating a good tenant history for yourself by getting your current landlord to submit your good pay habits to the databases as noted above. When you need to� you can refer to this website and the links on this website to improve your tenant situation with current and future landlords.  When everyone knows the rules of the rental game tenancy and the landlord business become a lot more fun.







Reduce the risk of fraud and prevent income loss





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