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Tenant and Landlord Benefits is an educational website for tenants and landlords with Tips & Advice on issues that enhance the tenancy experience for each. The website informs on tenant & landlord laws as well as many other tenant issues. Read on. and are tenant screening services for Landlords and Housing Providers that assist in identifying tenants that meet landlord criteria and serves to minimize risk that is posed by undesirable tenants in the tenant community. Why should part of the tenant criteria be that Landlords screen their tenants?

  • Tenant screening minimizes the risk of renting to tenants that are not an asset to the tenant community. i.e. noisy, unruly, compromise safety of other tenants, criminal activity etc. Good tenants want to live with other good tenants in safe harmonious surroundings that afford them a good lifestyle.

  • Generally landlords who screen their tenants have a criteria or certain standard that must be met and that usually means that the landlord takes pride in his landlord business which directly benefits the tenant. Generally there will be fewer problems as the landlord wants to please and retain a good tenant; it is much more profitable when landlords have responsible tenants that contribute positively to the tenant environment. This benefits tenants!

Tenants are afforded the opportunity of creating a good Tenant History.


For further information visit or call 1-877-974-9328 toll free Landlords and Housing Providers can report the good pay habits of tenants to and thus affording them the opportunity of establishing a good tenant history; obtaining tenancy with Landlords and Housing Providers has just gotten easier. Many tenants do not have a good credit history for a variety of reasons but are good tenants; a bad credit history can make it difficult in obtaining tenancy where part of the landlord criteria is having a good credit history. Tenants will now have the opportunity of establishing a good tenant history which is of great importance to landlords and Housing Providers. Tenants can refer landlords to the above noted websites and request that the good pay habits be reported to the databases on a regular basis to create a positive tenant history. Read on.

Currently Tenant Verification has forms that benefit both tenants and landlords; a Certificate of Satisfactory Tenancy can be given to the tenant at the completion of satisfactory tenancy which they can take to the next landlord as proof of good tenancy. The new landlord can then follow-up with either the current landlord and/or Tenant Verification to confirm the status on the certificate.

TVS Tenant Verification Service Inc. networks the Residential Rental Industry which benefits good tenants and Landlords/Housing Providers.

For further information visit or

or call 1-877-974-9328 toll free.
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Why is it important for you to have a good Tenant History?




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