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This website was designed to bring tenants and landlords together so that the tenancy experience as well as the landlord experience might be a pleasant one.


You will find some common sense advice here as well as information with respect to State landlord/tenant laws.


Click for rent resourcesIt is hoped that both tenant and landlord can be referred to this website in hopes of providing some guidance and/or subtle hints as to what is expected from either party.


This site will be further developed as we move along. One of the IMPORTANT aspects of this site is that it advises TENANTS that they can create a tenant history for themselves via

Landlords now have the ability to report tenant pay habits to one of the leading tenant screening companies in North America.  Landlords also have the ability to issue Certificates of Satisfactory Tenancy for tenants, thereby making it easier to obtain tenancy in the future.

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This is a site that you can refer other tenants or landlords to for Tips & Advice.  





Why is it important for you to have a good Tenant History?

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